Emergency Preparedness Information & Resources

BOMA International has been actively involved in developing best practices in emergency and security preparedness throughout its history. Office building security and emergency preparedness has always been a top concern, and since 9/11 we have shifted considerable resources to meet the increased security needs of buildings. BOMA has published tools for property managers to evaluate security preparedness, create evacuation plans, and perform risk assessments on their properties.

BOMA and its members have responded aggressively locally, regionally, and nationally to further prepare the nation’s office buildings for any future emergencies. This has been a cooperative effort between the public and private sector to the benefit of all. This effort will continue as new procedures and tools are developed to defend our critical infrastructures.  

BOMA’s Emergency Preparedness Guidebook includes updated information and checklists to plan for and manage all types of events, including public health emergencies and terrorism.

Federal Preparedness Resources

Industry Preparedness Resources

For additional information and resources, visit BOMA International Security & Emergency Preparedness.